About me

Hey 👋

Welcome to my blog.

Coding and Sport

I'm Michael Myers, also known as devmoek, a front-end developer with a big dream.

The stack I work on are HTML, CSS, JS, Gulp Build in the future ReactJS. I have a passion for coding, writing, video editing for my YouTube channels.

My free time


I like to play games with my friends / alone. I like FPS games like Hunt Showdown, Deep Rock Galactic, Sea of Thieves. Sometimes I play in Roque-Like games like The Binding of Isaac, Risk of Rain 2, Enter & Exit the Gungeon. And my love is Survival Games, they are pretty hard to play but I still love it. There are games like Don't Starve Together, The Forest, Valheim, Minecraft yeah Minecraft is a great classic survival game. It seems like I'm a gamer, mb it is :) Also, If you want to check more games I play, go to my Steam profile.


I like running, swimming, skateboarding, cycling.

Running and Cycling

Sometimes I'm running and cycling marathons. I met with running and cycling when I was pretty young.


A skateboarding I like as a compact way to move from A to B. I met with skateboard when I was ~9.


I met with swimming when I was 2-3 years old. From there to now I swim. Not so often I would be it will :(

I had a sporty childhood, huh?

More me you can check in my Instagram or Twitter