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Junior Frontend Developer Roadmap

Junior Frontend Developer Roadmap

Who is Junior Front-end Developer? How to be a Junior?

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·Sep 4, 2021·

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Junior Frontend Developer — Freshman in web development with over one year of experience. He has to know the internet basics, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Web Security Knowledge, package managers, CSS preprocessors, frameworks. It will be great if he knows react.js, vue.js, angular. Simply it’s a middle developer working on a junior position. It’s a joke, but sometimes people want all of these from junior.

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Who is Junior Frontend Developer?

It’s a developer with basic knowledge of Web Development and the Internet as well. He knows HTML, CSS, the basics of JS, and understands how a browser works. And that’s it. He knows how to build a simple web page from scratch. Maybe he knows CSS frameworks and preprocessors such as Bootstrap, SCSS. It’s a basic that might take up to 1 year if you learn smoothly and don’t rush. In some cases, you can learn PHP as I did.

My story about PHP

I’ve learned PHP for my school project. I needed a database, working form, and administrator panel to change/delete/add rows in a database. That was kind of hard, changing and deleting the script is not working. But still, I don’t learn PHP before this project. This project took 7 months. It was a dental clinic website with 7 pages, without design layout, logo file, text, pictures. I made and found it all by myself. I have developed it by HTML, CSS, JS, PHP without frameworks or preprocessors. That was a nice experience to work with. I’ve never done something like that.

How to start?

To start your journey in frontend development you need to understand, do you like it? Try to build a website in HTML and CSS. Just a simple static page. Of course, it’s not a frontend development for 100%, it’s basics. If you like basics you going to like to go deep. You can take courses to provide smooth learning. I have had to learn on freeСodeСamp. It’s a free course that contains a lot of useful information with a certificate at the end of each course. Also, freeСodeСamp has a big learners base in Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, freeСodeСamp’s blog. You can ask a question if you don’t understand how to pass a challenge or answer if you know a solution.

A non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform A non-profit organization that consists of an interactive learning web platform

After you understand it’s yours. You need to go deep. If you are already know HTML, CSS, basics of JS and Git. Your next stage is npm packages or yarn. You can pick both as well. Then learn Webpack technology. After that pick a Framework such as React.js (Redux, MobX), Vue.js (VueX), Angular.js (RxJS, NgRx). You can check the roadmap here. If you would like to see more than I did, you can visit this website.

Frontend Roadmap Frontend Roadmap


Thank you for reading. Those were my thoughts about the junior frontend developer roadmap. What do you think about the roadmap? If you are a junior, what do you learn right now? If you just want to start it’s a great time to do it! Do not forget that programming means forever studying. Don’t stop at what you have learned right now, keep moving.

I hope you being well guys. As for me, I have a pretty hard time in my life. I don’t know what will be in 1 month. I live in Russia and the army here is mandatory. I can’t move or do something because I’m broke. Find a job I can’t too, they just bring me to the army if I’ll try to find a job. I will post articles here for long as I can. I like writing and sharing thoughts helps me to forget about the army.

UPD 10/1/2021: I got a job :) And the doctor found a diagnosis that maybe I will not go to the army.

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