Shopify Editions 2024: Winter Edition

Two times a year Shopify releases a huge updates list. In this article I will talk about The Winter Editions '24. The previous one was Shopify Editions '23 Summer Edition.

The Shopify Editions Winter 2024 update introduces several notable features and enhancements aimed at improving the e-commerce experience for both merchants and their customers.

Key updates

Expanded Product Variant Limit

Merchants can now offer up to 2000 variants per product, significantly up from the previous limit. This expansion allows for a broader range of product options and more detailed customization​​.

A note here. It doesn't mean you can use up to 2000 variants in Shopify admin. This is the enhancement for the developers. In the common use it's still 3 options (variants) per product.

Combined Product Listings

This feature simplifies the management of products with multiple options by combining them into single listings, making it easier for customers to find and compare different variants​​.

One-Page Checkout and Checkout Extensibility

Shopify has streamlined the checkout process to a single page, enhancing user experience and potentially increasing conversion rates. Additionally, checkout is now more customizable, allowing merchants to tailor it to their specific needs​​.

POS Ship from Store Feature

This update enables merchants to fulfill online orders directly from their retail locations, improving inventory management and reducing shipping times by using the store closest to the customer's location​​.

Markets Pro

A new feature designed to facilitate international selling, offering tools and insights to help merchants expand their customer base globally​​.

Shopify Audiences and Shop Campaigns

These marketing tools have been introduced or revamped to help merchants better target and engage with potential customers. Shopify Audiences focuses on finding new customers, while Shop Campaigns (formerly Shop Cash Offers) aims to boost customer acquisition and engagement​​.

AI-powered Tools (Semantic Search and Shopify Magic)

Semantic Search improves the shopping experience by better understanding natural language search queries, and Shopify Magic offers AI assistance for various tasks, aiming to save merchants time and effort​​.

Some stores already have access to this feature. But the most stores can't access it so far.

Expanded Financing Options with Shopify Capital

Shopify Capital now includes Line of Credit and Term Loans, offering more flexible financing options for businesses to support their growth​​.

Shopify Magic for Image Editing

This tool allows merchants to edit product images instantly and for free within the Shopify Admin, creating high-quality media assets for their store​​.