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7 Tips for Web Developers

7 Tips for Web Developers

These tips can skyrocket your work!

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·Aug 21, 2021·

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If you are interested in web development, you have to read this!

1. Rubber duck rule

When you do some task and can’t find a solution on the internet, you are going to tell someone about that. In some cases, when we trying to explain aloud, a solution or an idea about this task will come into the brain. You don’t need people to talk aloud. You can talk with a rubber duck or anything else.

2. Five minutes rule

If you have met with an error in the console or don’t use a semicolon, and don’t know about that. You are going to send a message to your mentor* with a question. You said, “Why it’s not working?“. Practice shows, if you don’t get an answer after 5 minutes, the dialog continues with the phrase “okay, I got it, thanks“. That’s why, if you have a similar problem, try to resolve it yourself, then google it or attempt your hypothesis, why something doesn’t work. If all of these do not help, send a question to your mentor*. ** Mentor — an experienced and trusted adviser.*

3. Leave it if it doesn’t work for a long time

Often resolving problems in code takes more time than we expected. If it doesn’t work after an hour, drop it. Walk around, do something else, or play basketball on your driveway. Then go back and very likely you resolve the problem.

4. Aim for your education goal

Education goal has deadlines and criteria and will understand if you reach the goal. Specialize your target to make simple steps and achieve it more simply. The better way is to walk every day with small steps, than walk one day a week with big steps. Planners, diaries, deadlines, and daily reports can help.

5. Read not only tech books

Reading is useful in any case. And for sure, it’s not important what type of literature you read: art, science, or official documentation. I prefer to improve all kinds of life (not only technicians). Recommend these books: Meg Jay — Important Years, Hal Elrod — The Miracle Morning, Stephen Joseph — Authentic: How to be Yourself and Why it Matters.

6. Follow a schedule

Sleep, waking up at the same time, sports, morning workout, walking outside, self-discipline. All of these help you to restore energy. Morning workouts help to wake up faster and give a lot of energy. In a schedule like this, you can put small steps more easily for achieving your goal.

7. Rest

Do not forget about the rest. When you work hard or study you have to take a good rest. Trying to plan rest first can help you to not think about it when you work. Without rest, you will lose your power super fast.

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